Composition : Each 100 gm contain: 

Niclosamide        75 gm

Indications :
Niclosamide is an anthelmintic which is active against tapeworms and

intestinal flukes such as paramphistomes in ruminants. Effective against mature and immature tapeworms in sheep, goat, cattle.



Dosage & Administration :

Cattle: 50 mg / kg body weight.
Sheep &Goats: 75 mg / kg body weight.
Dogs &Cats: 100-150 mg / kg Body weight.
Poultry: 75 mg / kg Body weight.
The dose is given once either by drenching or mixing with feed.
The drench should be freshly prepared directly before use by shaking 75 gm of the powder with a little amount of water , then continue adding the water in small quantities with continuous shaking until the total volume reaches 750 ml and a homogenous suspension is obtained.

Calculate the volume of the suspension to be drenched according to the previously mentioned doses taking into consideration that one ml of the suspension contains 100 mg Niclosamide.

Precautions & Warnings

Unknown contraindications.
 It is used during pregnancy and for weak animals safely.
 It has a wide safety margin.
 It can be administered in conjunction with several other drugs.
 It is poorly absorbed from the host GIT therefore no withdrawal time.
 Shake the prepared suspension from time to time before use.

Packing : 100 gm HDPE container.


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