Calcee-DS is nutritional liquid feed supplement containing calcium, iron, Vitamin. D3 & Vitamin. B12.

Calcium is an important constituent of skeleton and teeth, and is essential for the activity of a number of enzyme systems including those necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses and for the contractile properties of muscle. It is also involved in the coagulation of blood. In young growing and in adult animals, calcium deficiency may lead to rickets and osteomalacia, respectively. Vitamin B12 and iron : Helps correcting anemic condition and retarded growth caused due to extensive liver damage. Vitamins are essential for the proper operation of many physiological functions. vitamin B12 for increased appetite and growth. Ferric ammonium citrate Inorganic source of iron to facilitate hemopoiesis

Composition: Each 5ml contains

Calcium Gluconate             416.5mg,

Vitamin D3,                           800 I.U,

Vitamin B12,                      8.35mcg

Ferric Ammonium Citrate       50mg


Hypocalcaemia, it increases milk production with milk fat percentage  Also helps formation of strong bones in growing animals. High concentration of calcium, phosphorus & vitamins replenish the nutrient loss in high yielding lactating, pregnant and growing animals. Also reduces occurrence of milk fever.


Dosage & Admistrations
Give daily through drinking water

Poultry (For 100 Birds):
Chicks : 10 ml / day
Growers/ Broilers : 20 ml / day
Layers : 50 ml  / day
Cattle : 50 ml twice daily orally.

 Packing :

 5litre, 1litre, 500ml HDPE Container

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