HELMOZOLE - powder


Composition :    Each gm contains:

Albendazole  IP                  50 mg

Indications : Albendazole is a broad spectrum anthelmintic, highly effective against, nematodes, lung worms, cestodes and trematodes.   Albendazole, has a good ovicidal effect and can be used safely in cattle, sheep, goats, equines, poultry, dogs and cats.  Albendazole, is slowly absorbed and slowly excreted from the digestive tract, that is why it gives its long action.  Albendazole, is effective against mature & immature stages of the worms.
Indications: For treatment of gastro-intestinal nematodes (bunostomum, chabertia, haemonchus, nematodirus, ostertagia, trichostrongylus & trichurius spp.)  Lungworms (Dictyocaulus viviparous, D. filaria), tapworm in all animals, liver fluke in cattle & sheep and treatment of ascidia galli, capillaria, moniezia spp., syngamus trachease, raliatina and devania in poultry.


Dosage & Administration
 Cattle & Horses:
 For different worms 7.5 mg / kg body weight  (1 gm / 6 kg body weight)
 For liver fluke 10 mg / kg body weight (1 gm / 5 kg body weight)  

Sheep & Goats:
 For different worms 5 mg / kg body weight (1 gm / 10 kg body weight)
 For liver fluke 7.5 mg / kg body weight  (1 gm / 6 kg body weight )

Dogs & Cats:
 For different worms 5 mg / kg body weight (1 gm / 10 kg body weight )

Precautions & Warnings
 Do not exceed the recommended dose, especially in the stages of pregnancy.
 Milk produced during treatment should not be used for human consumption.
Withdrawal time
Meat: 7 days.  Milk: 24 hours. 

Packing  :  30 gm pouch 150gm & 300gm HDPE container. 

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