Vitaral a powerful antis tress liquid supplement for cattle and poultry

Vitaral improves fertility.

 Composition: Each ml contains

Vitamin A          60,000 I.U,

Vitamin D3        15,000 I.U,

Vitamin E                 50mg,

Vitamin B12,            50mcg

 Vitamin C                50mg.


To prevent and overcome stress.

To build resistance against various diseases.

To accelerate production and growth.


Dosage & Administration 

To be given in water or feed for 5-7 days

Poultry :- 2-3ml/100 birds daily
Growers: 5ml/ 100 birds
Layers: 5-7ml/100 birds

Cattle: 10ml

Calves: 5ml

Sheep and Goat 10 ml daily
Cattle 20 ml daily
Pets 3-5 ml daily.


1Litre, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml, 60ml, 30ml

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