Non-Hormonal Milk Enhancer


Each 100gm contains

Bypass fat                                  60 gm

Calcium        68 gm as  DCP     23 gm

Sachromycese Cervisiae            1 gm

Herbal Galactogoue                  10 gm

Herbal Extract                         2.2 gm



Calcium Salt of Long Chain Fatty Acid is a popular feed supplement among global dairy farmers and animal feed manufacturers over the past decade as it is a relatively cheaper and effective

way to introduce fats to dairy cows’ diet so as to boost their energy level, hence enhancing their ability to produce more milk and also recover faster after calving.



Ideal for lactating and transition (Dry) animals enhances milk production in early lactating animals.

Fulfills the nutrient requirement in high performances animal deliver energy during less than optimum conditions (Stress, Heat, Mud Cold, crowding) Higher peak in overall milk production and aids in maintaining milk fat.

Re productive performances can be enhanced. Because the cow return to positive. Energy balances sooner which can affect follicle size ovum fertility, circulating blood, and progesterone levels. Faster recoveries for calves, Decrease in Metabolic complications such as a ketosis, acidosis, milk fever, optimal nutrients absorption for animals. Improves appetite.

Contains no Thyroprotein or other hormones


Indications: is a rumen protected bypass fat (calcium soap/calcium salt), providing energy for improved milk yield, fertility and general health.
supplies energy to the dairy cow during lactation period. Hence, the milk production will increase.
improves palatability of other feedstuff, thus further increasing the energy supply.
Dosage :
2-3 Kg per ton feed of cattle of any  livestock.- Daily 50-60gms

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