SUPER-LIV optimizes hepatitis functions and is voluble in the prevention of liver damage. It guards the liver against various toxins, chemical drugs and toxic effect of the feed contaminants & numerous other conditions where the liver is directly or indirectly at risk.

Each10 ml contains


Tricholine Citrate               1890 mg

Inositol                                  20 mg

Vitamin B12                          15 mg

Protein Hydrolysate            125 mg

Liver Extract                        900 mg

Methyl Sulfonyl methane   1200 mg

Biotin                                    15 mcg

Selenium                               8 mcg

Vitamin E                            10 mcg




Indication :

 Inhibits mold growth and increases productivity.

 Acts as a growth promoter in animal by improving metabolism and feed utilization.

 Improves liver function and increases appetite.

 Helps to restore liver function following liver fluke infestation in liver stock and aflatoxicosis in poultry. Improves FCR in Poultry.

 Increases weight gain and improves vitality

 Counteracts stress due to vaccination, deworming , dieses change in feed , weather, shifting, debeaking, and overcrowding.

 Dosage & Administration

10-20 ml for Sheep & Goat orally

Broiler 10-20 ml per 100 Birds  2-3 Days

Chicks: 5-7 ml per 100 Birds for 7Days

Grower : 10-12 ml per 100 birds for 7 Days

Layer:  15-20 ml per 100 birds for 7 Days

Breeder : 20-25 ml per 100 birds for 7 Days


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