The best oral calcium in homogenous suspension for better growth and productivity.

Salient features

Calcee vet  provides optimum amount of calcium and phosphorus for faster growth and skeletal integrity.

Calcee vet provides vitamin B12 for increased appetite and growth.

Calcee vet provides vitamin D3 for better assimilation of calcium and phosphorus.

Calcee vet increases milk, egg and meat production.


Nutritional value per 100ml

Calcium           1650mg,

Phosphorus       850mg,

Vitamin D3       8000 I.U,

Vitamin B12      100mcg,

Carbohydrate    Q.S, 


Dosage & Administrations

Cattle and Horse 100 ml daily
Calf, Sheep and Dog 10-20 ml twice daily.

Chicks 3.0 ml per liter of drinking water
Growers & Broilers 3.5 ml per liter of drinking water
Layers & Breeders 4.0 ml per liter of drinking water


1Litre , 500ml and 5litre


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