Each ml contains:
Enrofloxacin   100 mg

Indications: Highly effective anti-bacterial oral solution. True broad-spectrum bactericidal agent, belongs to fluroquinolone group, effective against gram positive, gram negative and Mycoplasma infections in livestock and poultry . Enrofloxacin has a great broad spectrum activity against both gram +ve and gram-ve pathogens (staphylococci, E.Coil.Salmonella, Chlamydia, Brudcella, T.B Legionella spp.) and Mycoplasma.

Contra Indications:  Hypersensitivity to enrofloxacin adminstration to animals with serious impaired . liver and renal function. concurrent administration with tetracyclines , chloraphenicol, marcrolides and lincosonamides .

Mode of action: By interfering the bacterial DNA Synthesis.
Poultry : Mycoplasmosis , complicated CRD, Colisepticaemia, Arthritis, Samonellosis, infectious, coryza; fowl cholera.
Cattle , sheep and Goats: Bronchopneumoniam puneumoniam Mastitis, Retention of placenta, Metritis, Enteritis, Nephritis, Cystitis and urinary infections


Dosage & Administration

ENFLOCIN can be give once daily for 3 - 5 Days

Cattle , Buffalo, Sheep & Goat  :   2.5 - 5 mg / kg Body Weight
Dog / Cat (Adult)                         :  5 mg / kg body weight
Camel                                           :  2.5 mg / kg body weight
Poultry                                         : 10 mg / kg body weight in drinking water.

100 ml , 250 ml, 500 ml, & 1 Litre HDPE Container

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