Composition : 

Each ml contains:     

Closantel                 50 mg

Indications : Flantel, broad spectrum oral anthelmintic, flukicide and sustained action haemonchicide, a new generation long acting ectoendo-parasiticidil anthelmintic drug (for cattle, sheep and goat)

Round worms: Mature and immature;

Barber’s pole worm                                                         Haemonchus contortus

Stomach hair worm                                                        Trichostrongylus axei

Small brown stomach worm                                                       Ostertagia spp

Black scour worm                                                          Trichostrongylus spp

Small intestinal worm                                                     Cooperia spp

Thin-necked intestinal worm                                           Nematodirus spp

Hookworm                                                                    Bunostomum spp

Nodule worm                                                                 Oesophagostomum columbianum

Large bowel worm                                                         Oesophagostomum venuiosum

Lung Worms   

Large lung worm                                                            Dictyocaulus filaria  

Tape Worms

Head and segments                                                      Moniezia spp 

Live Fluke

Mature and 6 weeks and older immature                         Fasciola hepatica

Nasal Bot

First ,second and third larval stages                               Oestrus ovis

 Ovicidal: Reduces the output of viable worm and fluke eggs.


Dosage & Administration :

Withdrawal Period Meat 42 days

For fluke and ectoparasites 15mg per kg body weight, (1 ml 3.33kg body weight)

for endoparasites 10mg per kg body weight (1 ml 5kg body weight)

Packing:  30 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, & 500 ml HDPE container.

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