Each 1000ml contains

Calcium                        35,000 mg

Phosphorus                 17,500 mg

Vitamin D3                5,00,000 IU

Vitamin B12                   2,200 mcg

Vitamin H                        1000 mcg

Zinc MHA                        1000 mcg

Cobalt                               100 mg

Manganese   MHA          1000 mg

Magnesium  MHA           1000 mg

Copper MHA                   1000 mg

Lepatadenia reticulate      300 mg

Asperagus Recemosus   1000 mg

Jatamansi                         500 mg

Carbohydrates          4,00,000 mg


Description: Chelated minerals increases passive absorption by reducing interactions between the mineral and other nutrients thus chelating agencts protects the minerals.

Prevent milk – fever , rickets osteomalacia, osteoporosis. Prevent calcium deficiency during lactation. Asparagus Recemosus & Laptadia reticulate & Jatamansi stimulates glandular functions and help letting down naturally.


Cattle 50ml daily, Sheep and Goat 5ml twice daily

Presentation 20liters, 40liter and 1 Liter 

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