Solution for oral administration.


Contains for ml

Betaine 100mg

Vitamin C, ascorbic 9mg.

Potassium chloride 2mg

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate  4mg

Calcium chloride dehydrate 40mg

Sodium chloride 20mg

Solvents ad 1ml


 Bitavet – C Oral

Is refreshing, rehydrate and stress relieving mentholated oral solution for administration via drinking water that reduces mortality and productivity losses in animals suffering from heat stress due to high ambient temperatures and a high relative humidity, especially in animals

 Heat stress in these animals may lead to general distress, reduced feed intake and body weight, increased feed conversion rates, increased carcass fat content, decreased fertility rates, low quality semen, decreased egg size and production, reduced egg-shell quality, increased amount of dejections, increased susceptibility ti illness, increased number of culled animals and increased mortility rates.


BITAVET-C Oral is indicated for the relief of symptoms and health problems associated with heat stress, especially in poultry

 Side effects:

No undesirable effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is followed.



For oral administration

Prevention:1 litre per 1000 litre of drinking water for 3-5days, starting 2days before the onset of the hot period.

Control:1litre per500 litre of drinking water for 3-5days.

The use of BITAVET-C Oral may be continued if heat stress persists. A fresh solution should be prepared at least every 24hours.


 1LTR, 500ML

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