A powerful cattle & poultry liver tonic for quick recovery of hepatic disorders & diseases . It is working as a supportive therapy in hepatic dysfunction due to hepatic disease i.e. Aflatoxins, Mycotoxins, Lipidosis , Fatty Liver Syndrome. etc. For the treatment of liver dysfunction in poultry & cattle due to parasitic diseases.


Each 10 ml contains

Choline chloride

2000 mg

Protein Hydrolysate

50 mg

Yeast Extract

40 mg


35 mg


24 mg

DL Panthenol


Vitamin B12

3.3 mcg


Hepazen is a feed supplement to boost liver functions.

Hepazen contains choline chloride,yeast extract, niacin, DL panthenol and inositol.

Choline is required for the synthesis of neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Prevents pathological changes and the accumulation of of fat in liver and kidneys.

It facilitates lipoprotein synthesis by liver and prevents lipidosis.

Helps in normal carbohydrate metabolism.

It helps to increase peristalsis in atony and paralysis of the lower intestine and to help relieve gas retention and abdominal distension.

Hepazen improve growth and livability in livestock and poultry.



As supportive therapy in hepatic dysfunction due to hepatic disease. aflotoxins, microtoxins, drugs etc.


Liver dysfunction due to parasitic diseases.

Diarrhea or constipation due to hepatic disease.

To improve egg production, hatchability and weight gain.

To improve feed intake and milk fat percentage.


Sheep and Goat:

10-15 ml daily for 7-10 days

Cattle, Horse and Camel

20 ml daily for 7-10 days.




0.5 ml per litre of drinking water

Growers and Broiler

0.5 ml per litre of drinking water

Layers and Breeders

1.0 ml per litre of drinking water.

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