Treatment and prevention of liver dysfunction and fatty liver syndromes, especially in animals fed a lipogenic diet or animals in a persistent catabolic state.


Each liter contains
L-Carnitine                                33 gm
Taurine                                     15 gm
Choline Chloride                       60 gm
Betaine Hydrochloride              30 gm
DL-Methionine                         10 gm
L-Lysine Hydrochloride            10 gm
Magnesium Sulfate Hydrate    15 gm
D-Sorbito                                250 gm


RAPISOL prevents the deterioration of liver function caused by fat metabolism disorder.Its main ingredients are physiologically active substances in a living body.

The liver functions as a processing plant, transforming, storing and detoxifying raw materials for the rest of the body. Liver impairment may lead to bleeding disorders, jaundice, reduction of growth and feed uptake, altered mental status and a wide range of secondary health issues such as skin disorders and coat abnormalities. Liver Tonic Oral is formulated to optimise liver function and aid in the prevention of fatty liver syndromes caused by excessive deposits of triglycerides in hepatocytes. Carnitine, betaine, choline  are key metabolites involved, sorbitol and magnesium act as osmotic laxatives combatting constipation and facilitating the elimination of toxic products from the gastrointestinal tract



Cattle and Sheep and Goat Poultry:
Stimulation of biliary secretion, in case of hepatic disorder and excess of fat.
Prevention of fatty liver and improment of lipid metabolism.
Improvement of appetite, growth rate, feed efficacy and immunity.
Improvement of reproductive performance in cattle and improvement of egg production, hatchability in chicken.


Sheep and Goat 10ml daily for 3 consecutive days

Poultry 1ml 1litre of water for 5-7 days


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