Powerful Liver Tonic for hepatic  disorder & diseases and better FCR

Composition :

Each 10 ml contains:

Tricholine Citrate            2000 mg

 Protein Hydrolysate        100 mg

Vitamin B 12                      4 mcg

Inositol                              10 mg

Methyl Donors                  66 mg

Selenium                          7 mcg

Vitamin E                          20 mg

Biotin                                6 mcg

Base enriched with liver and yeast stimulants- q.s


Tricholine citrateEssential role in fat metabolism & helps prevent Fatty liverLipotropic factor & principal methyl donor . Essential for the formation of acetycholine and  structural part of lecithin.

Protein HydrolysateStimulates regeneration of Liver cells

Inositol Water soluble growth factorPhospholipid component of membrane and lipoproteins

Biotin Essential coenzyme in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolismMaintains normal blood glucose levels from metabolism of protein and fat

Vitamin E & SeleniumBiological AntioxidantEssential for normal Membrane Structure and Prostaglandin SynthesisEssential for good Immunity & Disease resistanceVitamin E & Selenium are functionally inter-related

 Vitamin B12  Essential part of several enzyme systems Metabolically related to other essential nutrientsEssential coenzyme in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism & required for purine/ pyrimidine synthesis Mold inhibitors and toxin binders yeast and liver extract Minimises mycotoxin formation and absorption and protects vital organs




 A powerful cattle & poultry liver tonic for quick recovery of hepatic disorders & diseases . ● Stimulates the function of kidneys in maintaining water salt equilibrium.

 Reduce incidence of Gout, Leechi and Ascites in poultry.

To improve poultry egg production, hatch-ability and weight gain.

 It is working as a supportive therapy in hepatic dysfunction atoxins, Mycotoxins,due to hepatic disease i.e. A Lipidosis, Fatty Liver Syndrome. etc.   For the treatment of liver dysfunction in poultry & cattle due to parasitic diseases.   For the treatment of Diarrhoea or Constipation in animals.

To improve cattle feed intake ,milk production and milk fat percentage.

 To improve growth and live ability in livestock and poultry.

It improve feed conversion ratio (FCR) in poultry & cattle.

To improve growth and live ability in cattle and poultry.


Broilers : 8-10 ml for 100 birds Layers: 10-15 ml for 100 birds. Breeders : 25-30 ml for 100 birds. Cow, Buffalo & Horse : 30-50 ml each animal per day.

Calves : 20-30 ml each animal per day.

Sheep, Goat & Dog : 10-15 ml each animal per day Should be given daily for 7-10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian.

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