Bioplex Z Liq (Vitamin B-Complex Liquid)

Bioplex-Z-Liq.: Boost the performance of Birds and Animals.
Bplex Liq is liquid feed supplement containing Vitamin B Complex, Choline Chloride with Lysine for Poultry & Livestock Vitamins are essential for the proper operation of many physiological functions.

Composition: Each ml contains

Vitamin B2       1.25mg,

Vitamin B6       0.62mg,

Vitamin B12     6.25mg,

Niacinamide         5mg,

D-Panthenol    0.62mg,

Choline-Chloride  5mg,

L-Lysine               5mg,

Zinc Sulpahte    2.5mg


Dosage & Administration
Poultry :
10-20ml daily per 100 Birds in drinking water for the maintenance of high egg production in layers & for better weight gain in broilers
Livestock :
30-60ml daily per head as a drench or in drinking water as a feed supplement


1Litre, 500ml, 5Litre

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