Highly effective compound containing a mixture of organic acids with a powerful synergistic effect and each acid has its special action as well as yeast extract ( MOS) and methyl donar Betain.

 Each liter contains

Yeast Extract.                       35 gm
Betaine HCL ....                    20 gm
Phosphoric Acid                    60 gm
Lactic Acid                             80 gm
Citric Acid                              80 gm
Propylene Glycol                 120 gm


A powerful blend of biological ingredients that biologically transforms Mycotoxins & Bacteria controls fungal infestation and lower gut PH i.e controlling of harmful bacteria.

Blend of Probitios (live bacteria) transform mycotoxins and bacteria into  non harmful metabolites.

MOS(Yeast Extract) sequestrates the immunosuppressive mycotoxins & bacteria

Nutrients and minerals , repair and regenerate damaged villi.


Indication :

Sheep and Goat ,Cattle, Poultry :

Acidifier combination improves the following functions
Suppression of proliferation of intestinal harmful bacteria by reducing pH in gastrointestinal tract. Growth promotion, better weight gain, and improvement of feed efficiency
Prevention of dietary diarrhea by promoting digestion. Helps in proliferation and colonization of beneficial bacteria on GIT wall, improve digestibility and increase feed consumption rate.

Dosage & Administration

For Sheep & Goat  15-20 ml  orally Daily

Poultry : 1 ml 1litre of Water for 3 consecutive days.


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