Composition each 50ml contains.

 Protein hydrolysate    200mg

Calcium Gluconate      60mg

Iron Choline citrate     150mg

Dextrose                     500mg

L-Lysine                        50mg

Syrup Base



Ø  Proteins are needed by the body for body-building, repair and maintenance of body tissues, maintenance of osmotic pressure and synthesis of certain substances like antibodies, plasma proteins, hemoglobin, enzymes, hormones and coagulation factors. Proteins are also useful source of energy when the calorie intake is inadequate.

Ø  Protein hydrolysate has highest biological value with high bioavailability, allows faster uptake into muscle cells. Provides the highest quality of all Essential Amino Acids. Rich source of glutamine, cysteine, calcium & phosphorus.

Ø  Iron is necessary for many functions in the body including formation of hemoglobin, brain development and function, regulation of body temperature, muscle activity and catecholamine metabolism. Lack of iron directly affects the immune system, beside hemoglobin.

Ø  Calcium is an important constituent of skeleton and teeth, and is essenctial for the activity of a number of enzymes systems including those necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses and for the contractile properties of muscle.

Ø  Calcium is also involved in the coagulation of blood, in young growing and in adult animals, calcium deficiency may lead to rickets and osteomalacia respectively.

Ø  Lysine and amino acid is necessary for overall growth, production and amino acid deficiency, lysine is needed to help transportation of iron into body tissues.

Ø  Dextrose provides calories for some metabolic needs.

Ø  In small animals Alpromin   is suggested in cases like, inability to ingest protein food because of some gastro-intetsinal disturbances, starvation, inability to ingest sufficient proteins to make up for excessive loss in white dysentery.


Dosage & Adminstration

Lambs        5ml/day

Calves        5ml/day

Sheep       10ml/day

Cattle         50ml/day

Chicks       10ml-100Birds

Layers       20ml-100 Birds

Growers    20ml-100 Birds


5LTR, 1LTR, 500ML HDPE Container

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