It serves as a cost-effective source of energy with important nutritional, physiological and health benefits of lactating animal


Each  100gm Contains

Methionine (Methyl Donor)      70 gm

Organic Calcium                        6 gm

Fat                                             10 gm

 Methionine is not only essential in dairy cattle, it’s among the first amino acids in short supply when a dairy cow synthesizes protein. Without this vital building block a cow simply cannot synthesize milk protein, reducing the amount that is secreted into the mammary gland. The use of high C16:0 palmitic fatty acid products is known to increase butterfat percentages by substituting the de novo synthesis of the same mammary level during milk production.
The fatty acids are naturally stable in the rumen, which means that the fatty acids contained in Boost have no effect on the micro-organisms of the rumen. 



Increase milk quantity and Quality, Improves protein content in milk, helps in prevention of ketosis.


As a feed additive to enhance production


Lactating Cow : 10-25gm head per   day

Lactating Buffalo: 15-30 gm head per day

Cattle :3-5 gm head per a day, Lactating Goats & Sheep 5gm head per day

2-3 kg per ton feed of cattle or any livestock.


300 gm


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