Composition :  Each ml contains:     


Oxyclozanide                 3.4 % W/V


Indications : Effective Flukicidal suspension, for the treatment and control of Fascioliasis, Paramphistomiasis in cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats

To treat paramphistomiasis. The species involved  are : P. microbrothriodes,

P. microbrothridium, P. gotal, P.orthocoelium OXYNIDE is safe for young, pregnant and lactating animals. OXYNIDE when given to ewes 6 weeks before lambing helps in producing healthy lambs .Three times the therapeutic dose is effective against the immature flukes aged 5 to 6 weeks used in the treatment of acute and chronic Fascioliasis in cattle, buffaloes,

sheep and goats. The important species are : I) Fasciola hepatica ii)  Fasciola gigantica can  be used to treat clinical fluke infestations of Notocotyles attenuatus in ducks  (15 mg per kg with the feed)is the only flukicide of choice in lactating dairy animals in many countries as it has also acts on Monezia tapeworm in sheep.



Dosage and Administration :
Cattle : Orally 10 mg / kg body weight
Sheep : Orally 15 mg / kg body weight

Packing : 100 ml, 250 ml,500 ml and 1 Litre HDPE container.

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